NAIMA is a social services and advocacy association.


Identify local organizations, groups of activists, officials and influential members of the community in various cities and states whose goals align with NAIMA.

NAIMA is a social services and advocacy association. We have national presence in various states. We work at grassroots level and build partnerships and coalitions across the USA.
Specially we sponsor and support programs for orphans and special needs children in India through our partner organizations.

These include

  • Community organizations
  • Neighborhood Association
  • Anti Poverty Organizations
  • Anti Racism Organizations and Groups
  • Youth Organizations
  • Religious Groups and Organizations
  • Elected officials at all levels of government
  • Civil rights organizations


  • Participate and attend in their programs to build better relationships with these groups
  • Produce educational material , books, pamphlets, videos and use all means of communications to spread the word
  • Fund projects to produce such materials
  • Educate partner organizations about situation in INDIA
  • Focusing especially on the discrimination against minorities