Heal A Heart

Help Fund Heart Surgery for a Child

Heal A Heart
  • India has the largest number of births (27 million babies are born every year) with estimated 17 lakhs babies are born with birth defects which accounts for 9.6% of all newborn deaths.
  • Among all the healthcare missions, cardiac surgeries in children is considered as the one of the most effective intervention since many children go on to live a fully productive disability free adult life, if high quality, timely treatment is received. It is considered equal to providing basic immunisation, clean drinking water and basic shelter in terms of overall cost effectiveness in long run.
  • Congenital heart programs all over the world including richer countries are supported by charitable programs.
  • Metromed International Cardiac Centre (MICC), Kozhikode, over the last decade have established itself as the premium affordable cardiac care centre in North Kerala.
  • In India, there is still a tendency to blame the mother and family for congenital heart defect and many a times the father leaves the child or refuse to pay for the expenses.
  • At Metromed International Cardiac Centre, we have launched a program to support the paediatric cardiac program named Sisumitra( friend of child) to help coordinate various support systems, so that children are not denied treatment for the want of funds. As our program is relatively new in terms of all of us coming together and the state was reeling under COVID pandemic, we are still in process of getting in government funding which would take care of 60-70% of the cost.